Are You Worried About Your Mum?

Imagine your elderly mother has tripped and fallen at her home.
You are travelling to work and she is unable to reach the telephone. She cannot contact you or anyone. You regularly visit her in the evening, but it is 8.15 a.m. while you are on the train to work, you have meetings all day and out for the evening, so you plan to pop in tomorrow possibly 36 hours after the event. It does not bear thinking about, does it?

Now imagine a device and service set to alert you by sending an alert via text or email.
It will alert you to activity and also, and more importantly in this case, to in-activity. You login via PC or smart phone and see the last recorded activity. You call a neighbour, who has a key, and ask them to pop round. Hopefully all is well and your Mum is back to normal in no time.